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West County Behavioral Health


West County Behavioral Health strives to provide extremely high quality therapy and psychiatric services in a centrally located, welcoming setting. Located off Olive Blvd (near 270 and 141), we are easily accessible from both St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Our therapists are well known as top-tier clinicians within the St. Louis metro area, and have exceptional reputations in the therapy community.

We seek to provide a full service experience for clients, and have in-house psychiatric services available for medication management. In addition, we offer certified divorce mediation services and certified co-parenting counseling. We offer an array of groups, and also offer talks and seminars in the community around a range of mental health topics.

Our clinicians are regularly receiving ongoing clinical development so that we can ensure that we are  offering the most cutting edge behavioral health services to our clientele. We promote wellness with compassion and skill. Our therapists work to not just calm the presenting symptoms, but to also explore what the root of the issue might be and address the problem at its source. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional mental health services to our community, with utmost of care and empathy

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About Us